Every great endeavour starts with a strong strategy 

There is simply no substitute for knowing an industry inside and out. Companies and organizations need to track emerging trends, changes in regulation, and advances in technology to compete and thrive in their specific sector.

Ribbet draws upon years of direct, front-line experience as well as deep industry knowledge to ensure our clients' success. Our growing team has the proper marketing and industry expertise to quickly and effectively get into the heads of our clients to create and execute the perfect strategic plan for their needs. 

Ribbet can also draw from a network of highly skilled professionals to offer an array of strategically creative consulting services. Some of the ways Ribbet can help your business:

  • Strategic Communications Planning
  • Key Messages Development
  • Project Management
  • Copywriting Services
  • Development of Media Materials
  • and more...

Lead Consultant

Lisa Taylor is a creative design and communications professional bringing over 15 years combined experience to her firm in Strategic Marketing, Public Relations, Research and Analysis, Web Design, Video Editing and Creative Direction. Her greatest strength is that she is able to speak three key languages: Business, Art, and Technology.

For over a decade Lisa has utilized her unique background and approach to strategic messaging working with organizations and executives in both the public and private sectors including; the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP), the Government of Saskatchewan, the Ontario Police Technology Information Co-operative (OPTIC), CCO (Cancer Care Ontario), and 8 80 Cities.

Lisa is also a Co-Founder and Senior Advisor for the Global Network for Community Safety, an organization that aims to create a fundamental shift in the way society understands and achieves community safety and well-being.

"Communication is one the most important aspects of business today. We have so many amazing tools and technologies to use but with that there comes a need to adjust the messaging and approach to suit the medium as well as the audience… There are also more messages to compete with and that brings challenges as well."

At the Leading Edge of Social Change

Through its well-earned position and reputation within the policing public safety and criminal justice sectors, Ribbet continues to deliver unique solutions to advance social change. As a leading example, for the past 5 years Ribbet has focused a large part of its consulting work in Saskatchewan with the Ministry of Justice: Corrections and Policing.

Ribbet has been involved in the creation and execution of Saskatchewan’s new “Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime (BPRC)” approach, which is aimed at building safer and healthier lives across the province. This initiative is currently gaining both national and international attention for its innovative approach to the issues of crime and victimization. Ribbet continues to be a key player in this project and in the growing expansion of this model into other areas of the country and beyond.

A part of the BPRC team from its inception, Lisa Taylor (CEO and Founder of Ribbet), has been advising on direction, creating key messages, and assisting in conducting research and analysis. She has also been involved in creating multiple media materials for the initiative including a publicly released printed document, a 14 minute video animation, and a ‘Community of Practice’ website.

An Important Partnership

Ribbet first became a part of Saskatchewan’s Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime (BPRC) project through one of its partner agencies, Ribbet and have been working on this initiative for over 5 years and have also worked together previously on numerous other initiatives. Our complimentary skill sets have allowed us to provide our clients with a comprehensive set of services delivering results that surpass expectations.

Founder and President of, Norm Taylor, is an expert in his field with over 35 years delivering professional services to both public and private sector clients. He offers services as an advisor to key executives, and as a consultant for strategic direction and planning, program development for adult education, research and analysis, writing and moderation.

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