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October: An Ode to Digital Marketing


In honour of October being Digital Marketing Month, Ribbet Inc. thought it would sink its teeth into the overall meaning of this complicated umbrella term. While providing a conventional definition can hinder and limit the vast concept of Digital Marketing, it is necessary to see what makes it different than other forms of marketing. The ultimate goal (selling an idea or product) remains the same, while the tools have changed quite a bit from traditional forms of marketing. Instead of traditional marketing channels such as print, outdoor billboards/signage, and TV spots, Digital Marketing uses the means of interactive digital technologies to convert potential consumers into solid sales.

What makes Digital Marketing stand out is the power of getting to know a consumer very well before strategically planting an idea in their heads, and soon after, all over their most-visited websites and Social Media platforms. Since Digital Marketing is centered around the user’s experience, the key is to be so present and inter-linked throughout the Internet and Social Media that your customers can always find you instead of you finding them (Hoadley, Creative Solutions Consulting, 2015). It is crucial for a company or brand to reach the consumers and create an ultimate 360-degree immersion of messages; a company can make it seem like they are always there through the use of proper Digital Marketing tools.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), e-mail campaigns, video and animations, and Social Media platforms (to name a few) constitute new growth opportunities for a company in the marketplace and facilitate measurement and analysis. When using traditional marketing techniques, it may be difficult to measure reach and effectiveness, while Digital Marketing tools help monitor, measure, and grow results. Digital Marketing, as we have all quickly come to realize, provides virtually endless possibilities to reach and nurture a brand’s most valued market. A company can now be completely present and immersive in their marketing tactics online, and reach more people in less time.

Happy Digital Marketing Month! If you have any questions or inquiries, Ribbet Inc. specializes in both Marketing Strategy and Digital Technology, and marries the concepts beautifully to create a fully engaging effective marketing plan across all digital platforms.

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